The Beginning

Interested in the history of our Village and the evolution of the Parish Council? Then read on to find out when the first Parish Council Meeting was held and who the representatives were.

Learn More04/12/1894

First Recreation Ground

Agreed that an application be made to C E G Hatherell Esq. for a suitable piece of land for the purposes of a recreation ground, and that Stanley’s Close be the most suitable for the purpose.


Frequency of Parish Council Meetings

It was proposed and agreed that Parish Council meetings be held quarterly. A letter received from Mr J Stanley the owner of land in Stanley’s Close agreed the council should have the land, an area of about three quarters of an acre at a rent of £5 per annum.


Radford Semele Railway

Proposed by Mr H E Thornley and seconded by Mr W Staite that the clerk write to the L & NW Railway Company Ltd with regards to the request for a Railway Station at Radford Semele.


Traffic Issues

Resolution to send a petition to Warwickshire Highways Protection League to limit the speed of Motor Cars and other mechanically propelled vehicles to 8 mph through the village.


Street Lighting in Radford Semele

Agreement to adopt the Lighting and Watching Act of 1833 to install street lighting in Radford Semele at a cost of £11 5s 10p.