Radford Semele Community Hall

Registered Address: 68 Lewis Road, Radford Semele, Leamington Spa, CV31 1UQ


RADFORD SEMELE COMMUNITY HALL is administered and run by a team of Trustees and Committee Members – all of whom are volunteers.  


The person hiring the hall must be over 21 years of age and approved by the Booking Officer or a member of the Committee

The Hirer, or his/her representative must be present during the total hire period and as the ‘Responsible Person’, is responsible as follows:-

  1. For the proper use of the Hall, the behaviour and conduct of those attending, including avoiding excess or noisy arrivals or departures, for leaving the Hall, Toilets and Kitchen in a clean and tidy condition and for considerate car parking.

  2. For a booking deposit of £50 which will be taken to confirm the booking.  
    1. If the event is cancelled more than 14 days before the event, this will be fully refunded.
    2. If the event is cancelled less than 14 days beforehand, the £50 deposit will not be refunded.

  3. For hire of the Hall premises which comprises the Main Hall, Kitchen, Toilets (Ladies, Gents & Disabled) and Baby Changing Facility.  
    Hire of the Hall does NOT include use of the toilets in the entrance hall to the building, as these do not belong to the Community Hall and are for the sole use of Member of the Sports & Social Club,which is a separate entity.

  4. There is no extra charge for use of the kitchen for drinks. However. if cutlery and glassware is required this is available at an extra charge.   This should be requested at the time of booking.

  5. All items in the Kitchen to be left clean after use

    Kitchen Equipment:
    1. Water Heater (Urn) and Kettles
    2. Dishwasher
    3. Hobs and Ovens – to be cleaned if necessary
    4. Fridge and Freezer – to be left empty and switched ON.
    5. Microwave oven.
    6. Crockery and Cutlery- to be washed and put away in correct cupboards or drawers.
    7. Pans or containers – washed and put away
    8. Work surfaces to be left clean

  6. For full payment for the event 3 weeks before the date of the event.  
    The number of the Keysafe will be given when payment has been received. Regular users of the Hall may pay as agreed.
    If the Hall is left in the condition in which it was found this deposit will be returned within 14 days.
    Hire charges for the Community Hall will be reviewed on an annual basis.

  7. For the Sound System (available at an extra charge) if used.   This should be requested at the time of booking.  
    The Hirer to be responsible for ensuring that the equipment is turned off after use and the microphones correctly replaced to re-charge.
    The Hall is also equipped with projector, large screen and loudspeakers for slide and film presentations. Price for these available on request.

  8. For any music played being kept at a reasonable level.   If necessary this should include checking the external noise level outside.  
    The Hall is in the centre of the village and there are many neighbours who should not be disturbed by loud music at any time.
      All music must stop no later than 11.00 pm. 
    Local residents are entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes and gardens, so when music is played all external doors should remain closed, except for access.

  9. For reporting any damage or losses to the Hall, to its furnishings, fittings and contents, however caused, immediately to the Booking Officer or a member of the Hall Committee.

  10. For clearing the Hall after the event within the time agreed for the hire.  
    The Hall to be left as found, but if the Hall is left in a dirty or untidy condition, the Hirer will be responsible for any costs incurred in extra cleaning or for repair to damage.
    The cost will be deducted from the £50 deposit and the Hirer will be invoiced for any extra cost if it is greater than the deposit.

  11. For making sure that the Toilets belonging to the Hall are left in a good, clean condition, and all rubbish removed.    

  12. For taking away all refuse generated.   No refuse should be left in the Hall, Toilets or Kitchen.   This to include the removal of used nappies in the Baby Changing Facility.

  13. For enforcing the law with regard to No Smoking.

  14. For making sure all lights and all electrical appliances used are switched off, except for the fridge and freezer (which should be left switched on).

  15. For ensuring that all windows in the Hall are closed and all doors are locked – Main Hall, Kitchen, Entrance Lobby and outer Entrance Door (2 x locks). If either of the Fire Exit doors at the rear of the Hall are opened during the event – to ensure that these are closed and locked (by making sure that the drop bolt to each set of doors is correctly aligned  -  if not done, the Hall  would not be secure).

  16. For making sure that on leaving the premises the key is returned to the Keysafe located to the right of the main entrance door.

  17. For making sure that the premises (or the car park) are not used for any other purpose than that notified to the Booking Officer at the time of booking and does not sub-let or use the premises or allow them to be used for any unlawful or unsuitable purpose.

  18. For ensuring that alcohol is not sold without the relevant licence and the agreement of the Hall Committee, but the consumption of alcohol is permitted.  

  19. For ensuring that there is no abuse of drugs or illegal substances on the Hall premises.  
    The Hirer is responsible for appropriate supervision of their event and to ensure that none of these are available.
    If drugs and/or illegal substances are found to be available our Safer Neighbourhood Team Officer will be notified and this would render the Hirer forbidden to hire the premises at any time in the future.

  20. For ensuring that all attendees are aware of the Fire Safety Procedures, which are available by all three fire exits.  
    ALL escape routes MUST remain free of obstruction at all times.
    There are three Fire Exit doors – one on each side of the rear of the Hall and one via the Committee Room. For any person with limited mobility, the Fire Exit to the left hand side of the rear of the hall should be used as there are no steps. If it is safe to do so, exit may be made via the main entrance doors.
    The Hirer is responsible, if there should be an outbreak of fire on the premises, for evacuating the Hall, Kitchen and Toilets.
    The Assembly Point is in the Car Park at the front of the building. If the fire cannot easily be extinguished by any of the fire extinguishers available on the premises, the Fire Brigade MUST be called immediately (112 on a mobile phone). No one to re-enter the building until permitted to do so by the Fire Service.
    The Booking Officer MUST be informed immediately.

  21. For ensuring that any electrical equipment brought on to the premises is safe, in good working order and used in a suitable manner.

  22. For being aware that under no circumstances may Bouncy Castles other inflatable toys or trampolines be used within the hall or the area surrounding the hall.
    Decorative balloons may be used – but NOT balloons containing confetti or glitter, which when burst scatter their contents around the Hall.
    No party poppers or table glitter may be used in the Hall, as this can necessitate a substantial amount of extra cleaning time.
    If any gluing or painting is done on the Hall tables, the tables should be covered with some form of protection – marks left on the tables that cannot easily be removed may be charged for.

  23. For reporting any accidents or injury.  
    A report must be made, in the Accident Report Book located in the Kitchen drawer where this and the First Aid Box are located.
    NOTE: The nearest defibrillator is to the side of the village shop located at 29-31 Lewis Road CV31 1UQ.

  24. For ensuring that no sticky tape, pins or nails are used.  
    Should the Hirer so wish, decorations may be tied to the hooks around the room.
    For permitted decorating there are step ladders available if requested at the time of booking from the Booking Officer.
    Please do not work at height unless a second person is present to assist. Remove all items on departure, including balloons, banners, external advertising, etc

  25. For ensuring that all functions cease at the agreed ‘End of Hire’ time.    
    All setting up and clearing up must be done in the time allocated.
    There is a clear understanding that all noise and light pollution of the area is kept to an absolute minimum when this is after an evening event.

  26. For ensuring that the maximum number of persons attending any event will be no greater than 80.

  27. For ensuring that no equipment or items are left on the premises after the event.    
    All equipment and other property must be removed at the end of the hiring or a fee will be charged for each day or part of a day, until same is removed.
    The Hall Committee accepts no responsibility for any items left on the Hall premises.

  28. For ensuring that any failure of equipment belonging to the Hall is reported to the Booking Officer as soon as possible.

  29. For ensuring that under no circumstances any unauthorised heating or cooking equipment is brought on to the premises and used – this to include GAS CYLINDERS or PORTABLE COOKING EQUIPMENT OF ANY KIND.   This also to include candles or naked flames (other than celebration cake candles, which are small and are extinguished straight away).

  30. As the Community Hall has a ‘Premises Licence’ from Warwick District Council, which defines what types of activities are permitted in the Hall,  if the activity requires any additional type of Licence, it is the Hirer’s responsibility to obtain it.
    1. Entertainment Licence:  The Community Hall is licensed for the purpose of public entertainment.   If your event requires this type of licence, please speak to the Booking Officer.
    2. Licence for the Public Performance of Plays and Films:  The Community Hall is licensed.   If your event requires this type of licence, please speak to the Booking Officer.

  31. For being aware that Radford Semele Community Hall has a Zero Tolerance Policy covering any verbal abuse, including offensive, profane and vulgar language, violence or threatening behaviour.  
    Any Hirer, their representative or guest using threatening or insulting words, behaviour or conduct likely to cause distress, harassment or alarm to any person in the whole building (to include the Community Hall and the Sports & Social Club) whilst using the Hall premises will be permanently banned from Radford Semele Community Hall.


The Community Hall’s insurance includes:-

Contents:   For items belonging to the Community Hall Committee

Public Liability:  Includes cover for all non-profit making organisations and individuals while they are using the Hall, but excludes hire for commercial purposes.   If the Hall is hired for commercial use, we require proof that the Hirer has Public Liability Insurance in place.   A photocopy of the Insurer’s current certificate should be provided to the Booking Officer.

Employers Liability – includes voluntary workers.

There is NO INSURANCE for Bouncy Castles or other inflatable toys/activities or trampolines.


This statement of Policy applies to users of and activities in Radford Semele Community Hall and any ancillary activities which are the responsibility of the Community Hall Trustees.

The Radford Semele Community Hall Trustees, their Committee Members and volunteers have a duty to safeguard all vulnerable users of the Hall and its premises.

They should respond to any concerns they may have regarding the physical, sexual, emotional or psychological safety of a child, young person or vulnerable adult.

Radford Semele Community Hall’s Safeguarding Policy is in place to protect all children, young persons or vulnerable adults, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, religion or faith.    This policy applies to all users of the Community Hall and its environs managed by the Trustees.

The welfare of a child, young person or vulnerable adult is paramount and is the responsibility of everyone.   All children, young people and vulnerable adults, without exception, have the right to protection from abuse, whether physical, verbal, sexual, bullying, exclusion or neglect.

Bullying, shouting, physical violence, sexism and racism towards children, young people and vulnerable adults will not be permitted or tolerated and may well be crimes.   All Hall users must have their privacy respected and dignity preserved at all times.

The responsibility for ensuring the safety of children, young people or vulnerable adults at the Hall rests with the individual or organisation hiring the Hall.

Full details of the Hall’s Safeguarding Policy are available on the Community Hall website


A Member of the Community Hall Committee may visit the premises unannounced to ensure all rules are being observed

Should there be serious disorder or the rules laid down by the Hall Committee are broken, the Hall Committee retain the right to refuse any application from that person or organisation in the future.

There are tables and chairs in the Hall sufficient for 40 people.   If more tables and chairs are required, these should be requested at the time of booking.    Any extra tables and chairs used for an event must be returned to the Committee Room in a tidy manner.

A microfibre mop, dustpan and brush will be available in the Kitchen for tidying the Hall floor before leaving the premises.

At times when the Hall needs heating, this will be set before the event.    There is a thermostat on the wall to the right of the serving hatch.   If this needs to be altered, please ensure that it is returned to its original setting before leaving the building.

All electric lights in the main hall, the kitchen and the toilets should be turned off before leaving the building.   If the Sports & Social Club is still in use, the light in the entrance hall should be left switched on.   If not, please also turn that light off.

Please lock all doors (one key fits all) – the Kitchen, the Hall, the Entrance Lobby door and the outside Entrance Door (two locks)

Please make sure the key is returned to the Keysafe to the right of the main door.

Car Park – the car park is owned by the Community Hall, but is also used by the Sports & Social Club.   Please park responsibly and ensure that the Disabled Parking space is left clear for the use of a disabled person if needed.

These Radford Semele Community Hall Terms & Conditions of Hire will be reviewed on an annual basis.

RADFORD SEMELE COMMUNITY HALL                               June 2023