4th December 1894

The first meeting of Radford Semele Parish Council – Held in the School Room at 7:30 pm to elect a chairman and parish councillors.  The number of parish councillor was to be six. 

Mr John Staite was elected chairman of that meeting to oversee the election of the chairman and parish councillors.

Six nominations were duly received for

  1. Joseph Gowling of Hill House Radford Semele – Farmer
  2. Benjamin Hawkins of Radford Semele – Carter
  3. Charles Horley Junior of Radford Semele – General Labourer
  4. William Staite of The Fosse, Radford Semele – Farmer
  5. Henry Edward Thornley of Radford Hall – Farmer
  6. Thomas William Ward of Radford Semele – Haulier

No other nominations were received and so those nominated were duly elected as Parish Councillors by those present at the meeting.

Mr Charles Horley Junior was elected as the Chairman of the Parish Council

Mr Henry Edward Thornley was elected as the vice-chairman

Mr John Joseph Rogers was appointed as Clerk to the Parish Council at a salary yet to be discussed!

Mr Arthur Charles Pickering of Lloyds Bank Limited, Leamington Spa was appointed Treasurer

At that meeting it was also agreed that the Parish Council would purchase a seal and an iron safe.