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01 Nov

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust (WWT) are running a project, that is funded by Severn Trent Water (SWT) to identify areas within local communities that can be enhanced for nature and wildlife, particularly wildflower meadows and hedge planting.

Radford Semele playing field has been identified as a suitable location and the Parish Council have agreed to enter into an agreement with WWT for them to create a wild flower area alongside the field boundary adjoining Hatherell Road properties and the corner of the field at Spring Lane. 

The area to be planted will run from the top of the field down to Spring Lane and will be approximately 10 metres in width. A minimum two metre wide grass strip will remain along the boundary fences and crossing points left to access the rest of the field. Some hedging will be planted around the boundary fence at the field access off Spring Lane. The football pitch is not affected by the works. 

Additional hedging will be planted by the Old Lodge to infill the hedge there. 

The works are planned to take place on Friday 25th November 2022 , starting at 10am. As it is a community project WWT will help to recruit village volunteers to help with the preparation of the wildflower areas ready for sowing and planting the hedges. 

Note – all volunteers will be most welcome

Works are expected to take 1 day with the help of WWT staff, Parish Councillors and other volunteers from the village.

View of habitat improvement site on Playing Field.

Yellow areas =wildflower meadow creation. A long flowering mix will be sown, providing flowers through the entire season (April to September), attracting a variety of pollinators and birds.