Radford Semele Parish Council
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08 Jul

Healthwatch Warwickshire would like to hear your experience of using your pharmacy and getting your medication.  

Following feedback, we are launching a new survey to find out people's experiences of getting medication and using pharmacies across Warwickshire.  

We would like to know if your needs are being met. The aim is to help the people of Warwickshire get the pharmacy services they need. The feedback received will be presented to Warwickshire’s Health overview and scrutiny committee and passed onto the Local Pharmacy Committee.  

Click here to fill in our survey now 

Fill in the survey online at : www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/ENE2MO/ 

Complete the survey over the phone or request a paper copy: 01926 422823 

Paper copies can be posted for free to: FREEPOST HEALTHWATCH WARWICKSHIRE 

Who are Healthwatch Warwickshire? 

Healthwatch Warwickshire are an independent service for everyone who uses health and social care in Warwickshire. We help people understand the health and social care system through sign posting. Together with our volunteers we make your voice heard to help improve NHS and Adult Social care services, so the care you receive meets your needs. 

You will be able to read our findings, and find out more about our other work, on our website. www.healthwatchwarwickshire.co.uk