Radford Semele Parish Council
1 min read
30 Jun

Thankfully the unauthorised encampment has now left the playing field. 

Work will now get underway to clear the waste from the field and return it to normal use. 

We have contacted Warwick District Council to arrange for their team to clean and decontaminate the site, please bear with us until that is done, as along with the rubbish is some human waste and so would ask anyone visiting the field to be careful where they walk and to keep dogs on a lead away from anything they may find "interesting". 

We are aware of some damage to some of the play equipment, this will be repaired as soon as possible, we have not seen any evidence of excrement or waste on the play equipment like last time but suggest this isn't used until the clean-up team can assess and clean it if necessary. 

Please bear with us while we work to reclaim our field. 

There are a number of questions regarding the security of the field, needless to say we will be reviewing the provision, but also for obvious reasons we will not go into detail on public/social media.