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31 Jul

To our great relief the unauthorised encampment moved from the playing field yesterday evening without any further adverse event.  

We have been advised by the Police that they moved out of the area up the Fosse towards Leicester. 

This morning, Parish Councillors met with Henry Marriott who has assisted by placing a large concrete block in the pathway to the field as a temporary measure until the bollards are installed, which we hope will be very soon.  Discussions are underway with the installers to expedite the installation as quickly as possible. 

At 8:45 this morning, the first environmental clean-up team from Warwick District Council arrived to clear the litter and other debris from the field and we are grateful to District Councillor Noonan for making contact with the necessary departments in WDC to get this underway.  

There is further work to take place to clean up the human excrement from a number of locations around the field and also to sanitise the play equipment, as there were reports of the travellers’ children urinating in this area. We would ask residents to bear with us while we work to return the playing field and play equipment back to safe use. 

Thank you to all the residents for your patience and understanding as we continue to deal with the fallout from this weekend’s events.