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02 May

After feedback from many Radford Semele residents regarding issues receiving postal deliveries in the village, resperentations were made by the Parish Council to Royal Mail and through our MP RT Hon Sir Jeremy Right.

Following that, Sir Jeremy Wright made contact with senior representatives of Royal Mail and received the following assurances:

"Following this meeting, Royal Mail have undertaken to deploy changes to their delivery roundsto improve the service. This will result in Royal Mail being able to deliver to all addresses servedby Leamington Spa Delivery Office, including Radford Semele, on a daily basis (when there ismail to deliver).

These changes are due to come into effect from the 7th of May.

Ahead of these changes, Royal Mail have promised that no address in Radford Semele will go more than a day without a mail delivery and that the Regional Operations Director has asked tobe updated daily on the situation."

See the full text of the Letter from Sir Jeremy Wright MP.pdf