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22 Apr

Radford Semele Parish Council


 On Saturday 30th April 2022 from 11am to 1pm at the Community Hall, Lewis Road

The PARISH COUNCIL welcomes all residents to join us on this date at the Community Hall to meet individual Councillors and their Clerk, learn about the work of the Council and exchange views with them and other residents. 

This is a new venture of the Parish Council and we look forward to it becoming a regular feature for the Spring of each year. 

This is an opportunity to look at the work of local groups, see what has been achieved up till now and look at ways forward with new projects for the Parish.

 We hope that a number of local groups will participate and demonstrate what they do for their members and for the Parish as a whole. 

There will be a presentation from the Council on the past year with a talk on how the Parish Council works, outline comments from the Chairman, and individual short talks from Councillors with specialist portfolios [such as planning issues overseen by Councillor David Carter, development of the Playing Field managed by Councillor Brian Follett and finances dealt with by Councillor Brian Friar]. 

Councillor Roger Munn will be on hand to talk about our relatively new Speedwatch project designed to make the Parish safer motor traffic–wise. 

We have invited local groups to come along and hope they will do so.

Councillor Stan Sabin, Chairman