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09 Apr

NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting for the above-named Parish will be held the Community Hall, Lewis Road On Monday 25th April 2022 at 8.30 pm   

Any member of the public who is not able to attend but wishes to raise any matter or state a point of view on any Council matter can contact the Chairman of the Parish Council at chair@radfordsemelepc.org.uk or the undersigned Clerk by telephone: (01926) 330844 or email at clerk@radfordsemelepc.org.uk in advance of this meeting. 

The business to be transacted at the Meeting will be as follows:- 

  1. Minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting in 2021 
  2. Matters arising 
  3. Any correspondence 
  4. Financial Statement 
  5. Reports on Parish Council activity in the past year 
  6. Any other relevant business

 Dated this 5th day of April 2022 

Councillor S Sabin
Chairman, RS Parish Council
19 Thornley Close
Radford Semele
Leamington Spa
Mr David Leigh-Hunt
Clerk to RS Parish
1 Lewis Road
Radford Semele
Leamington Spa