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17 Nov

The Parish Council has located a total of six Grit bins in various locations around the village to assist residents should their roads become difficult to navigate in snow or icy conditions. 

While the days when they are needed are thankfully infrequent, it is important that these are maintained and used for their proper purpose. 

Typically these bins are left alone until cold weather is forecast and we can arrange with the council to ensure that they are filled in time, should a need arise. 

However, it is important that these are respected and not as in the case reported by one village resident, where the grit bin has been used as a rubbish bin by someone. 

Should the time arise that they are needed and the Council come to refill it, but they find it is filled with rubbish, they may not be inclined to remove and dispose of the rubbish to enable the bin to be refilled, given they will be very busy traversing the district to make sure as many grit bins are filled as possible. 

So please respect any grit bins as they are there to benefit you in adverse weather conditions and could be critical for someone needing to travel but can’t because someone has been mindlessly misusing them for rubbish.