Radford Semele Parish Council
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13 May
Person placing item in litter bin, Samll Dog and Tick sign inside a green circle

Further to the issues we were having at the end of last year with the overflowing dog waste bins, the Parish Council has reviewed the public waste bin collection service with Warwick District Council who empty the litter and dog waste bins in Radford Semele. 

The Parish Council has a contract with Warwick District Council in which a specified number of bins are emptied up to twice a week, any additional bins incur additional charges.  While the Parish Council has been adding new dog waste bins in new locations, these would normally require an additional agreement with added cost. 

As a result of a change in legislation, Warwick District Council no longer installs specific dog waste bins as all waste can now be placed in normal litter bins.  The advantage here is that these are usually larger than the dedicated dog waste bins so can accommodate more, although they also have to contain general waste too. 

Following the Parish Council’s discussions with Warwick District Council, it has been agreed that we will remove the dog waste bins on the footpaths from Spring Lane and replace them with normal 112 litre waste bins which can be used for normal litter and dog waste. 

Map showing location of dog waste bins

The two dog waste bins either side of the Community Hall will be removed as there a two normal litter bins close by which can be used for both litter and dog waste. 

The litter bin in the corner of the Community Hall Car Park will be relocted to the top of the Community Hall/Sports and Social Club drive adjacent to the footpath at Lewis Road.

Map showing positon of Litter and Dog Waste Bins

All litter bins in the village can be used for litter and dog waste. 

The dog waste bin at The Valley will remain for the time being. 

Map showing position of dog waste bin

This rationalisation should ensure that all waste bins are supported emptied by Warwick District Council on a regular basis.