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08 Apr

Being mindful of the concerns of residents with regards to speeding traffic within the village, Parish Councillors, at their meeting on 30th November 2020, agreed to purchase a number of ‘advisory’ 20mph signs which were to be placed along Lewis Road and School Lane. 

At the beginning of March 2021 permission was sought, from Warwickshire County Council, to attach the signs to lamp posts along the two roads. 

The Parish Council received the following reply, “We are unable to agree to the Parish Council purchasing and installing these signs on the Highway. WCC is not part of the ‘Twenty is Plenty’ initiative and the signs that you are proposing are not within the Traffic Signs, Regulations and General Directions manual. We only install signs on the Highway that are approved and listed within the TSRGD” 

That reply put the scheme on hold. 

At a Committee meeting of WCC, held in July 2020, a motion calling for an investigation into the adoption of a 20mph limit, in appropriate areas within the County, was carried. 

Since then a ‘WCC 20mph Task and Finish Group’, Quote –  “has been developed to review WCC policy on 20mph speed limits. The Group consists of both elected members and relevant officers and will result in a new policy for such limits. The proposed policy as recommended by the Task and Finish Group suggests that we will continue to support 20mph limits and zones where appropriate, taking a targeted, evidence-based approach, while broadening its scope to recognise the importance of community and social interaction. The proposal policy has yet to be presented to WCC Cabinet and therefore needs to be ratified”. 

NOTE The Cabinet meeting is scheduled for 12th April 2022. 

In January 2022, Councillors Sabin and Munn attended a ‘Zoom’ presentation by the  ‘20’s Plenty for Us’  national campaign group. 20’s Plenty for Us is a ‘not for profit’ organisation with some 500 local groups campaigning for a speed limit of 20mph to be normal on residential streets in towns and villages in the UK. The introduction of such a limit, worldwide, is also on the Agenda of the United Nations. 

The presentation outlined the campaign with particular reference to the ‘20’s Plenty for Warwickshire’ campaign. Town and Parish Councils were encouraged to pass a motion of support for the Campaign and forward it to those who had the power to influence the WCC Cabinet decision making Councillors. At the Parish Council meeting, held on 31st January 2022, Councillors approved the following motion, “This Council supports the 20’s Plenty for Warwickshire campaign and calls upon Warwickshire County Council to implement 20mph speed limits on appropriate roads within the Parish of Radford Semele”. 

Stan Sabin
Chairman, Radford Semele Parish Council 

The following was forwarded, as addressed, on 26th March 2022. 

Dear Members of Parliament
WCC Cabinet Members
P & C Commissioner

We are given to understand that the issue of the normalisation of a 20mph speed limit, to be applied in appropriate residential areas of Warwickshire, is due to be on the agenda of the WCC Cabinet meeting being held on 12th April 2022.

This would appear to be reliant on the 'WCC 20mph Task and Finish Group' completing and publishing their report. It is also of interest to note that, allegedly, the national campaign group, 20's Plenty for Us', have not been requested to provide evidence of the numerous benefits that are achieved by adopting such a policy. The national campaign has been a great success with over 28m people protected by the lower speed limit.

Surely the 500k+ residents of Warwickshire have the right to be protected in a similar manner!

At their meeting, held on 31st January 2022, Radford Semele Parish Councillors voted in favour of the following motion:-

"This Council supports the '20's Plenty for Warwickshire' campaign and calls upon Warwickshire County Council to implement 20mph speed limits on appropriate roads within the Village of Radford Semele".

As far as you are able, as an influencer in such matters, we request that you support the '20's Plenty for Warwickshire' campaign as well as our motion in particular.

Yours faithfully
Stan Sabin
Chairman, Radford Semele Parish Council 

Further information on the ‘20’s Plenty for Us’ campaign can be found at:- www.20splenty.org 

Follow on Twitter @20splentyforus / @AnnaSemlyen1 

Join our 20's Plenty (mph) - Love 30 (kmh) Campaigners Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/177304489851446 

Please ask your MP to support also at www.20splenty.org/ungrsw-ukmp 

PC email: RadfordSemele@20splentyforus.org.uk