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Radford Semele Road and Pedestrian Access Improvement Program

Following 9 years of work and campaigning by Radford Semele Parish Council, in particular by Cllr Stan Sabin and our Clerk David Leigh-Hunt, Warwickshire County Council has begun a program of works in Radford Semele to improve pedestrian access around the village along the Southam Road corridor. 

Traffic calming measures are also being introduced to try and reduce the speeding issues in some of the side roads off Southam Road.

The program has been split into individual work sites which should help to ease the traffic disruption while the program is being carried out.

All maps and information presented are courtesy of Warwickshire County Council.

Part 1 - Opposite Ricardo's to the White Lion

Site 1 - East Bound Vehicle Activated Sign (30 mph)

The 30 mph vehicle activated sign (VAS) to be cleaned and serviced to ensure it is functioning correctly.

Site 2 - Kingshurst/Southam Road Junction

  • Central refuge created at the Kingshurst mid-point with dropped kerb crossing points on adjoining footpaths.
  • The existing central refuge on Southam Road and adjacent tactiles and drop kerbs to be upgraded for ease of access - with protection bollard erected on the Eastbound side. 
  • A 1.8m wide footpath installed from the Kingshurst crossing and the eastbound bus shelter. 
  • Refresh the bus stop markings bay. 
  • Installation of a Kassel kerb and extension of the bus stop bay to assist access to buses.

Site 3 - School Lane/Church Lane/Southam Road junction

  • Resurface Church Lane entrance with improved dropped crossing points with tactile surfaces. 
  • New 20/30 mph speed limit signs to support the reduction of the speed limits in the roads off Southam Road (see later).  
  • 20 mph road surface speed limit sign.

Site 4 - Westbound bus stop outside the White Lion

  • Kassel kerb to assist with bus access. 
  • Resiting the bus stop sign and time table to location closer to the bus stop and at a location less likely to be obscured by growing vegetation.

Part 2 - Hallfields to east of Bloxham Way adjacent to Dunbar House.

Site 5 - Entrance to Hallfields

Installation of drop kerbs with tactile surfaces either side of the Hallfields junction.

Site 6 - Lewis Road junction with Southam Road

  • Eastbound bus stop
    • Widened 2 metre footpath access
    • Grass verge and bollards to protect pedestrians
    • Kassel kerb access up to 6 metres
    • 12 metre running lane to support the bus stop
  • Central refuge created at the Lewis Road mid-point with dropped kerb crossing points on adjoining footpaths.
  • Westbound bus stop surface and markings to be refreshed.
  • Kassel kerb to be installed to help with pedestrian bus access
  • 20/30 mph signs and road marking to support new 20 mph restriction in residential roads off Southam Road.
  • Bollards on east side entrance to Lewis Road to prevent vehicles parking on footway.
  • H marking to protect dropped kerb access to No's 1 & 3 Lewis Road.
  • Relocation of trench gullies to manage water flow at crossing point

Site 7 - Footways outside Apple Tree Cottage

  • Uncontrolled crossing points for pedestrians accessing the village from Bloxham Way. 
  • Dropped kerbs with tactile surfaces. 
  • Road build-outs leading to crossing point and road surface signs.  
  • Street lighting column to be relocated to crossing point.
  • Installation of trench gullies to manage water flow at crossing point

Site 8 - Southam Road east of Amberwood

  • Village sign to be relocated to site 9 at Glasdon entrance gateway.
  • New 30/40 mph signage. 
  • 30/40 mph road surface signage.

Part 2 - Southam Road - Outside Dunbar House

Site 9 - Southam Road 

Glasdon entrance and exit gateway to be installed.

All existing road markings from the west of Kingshurst to the East of Bloxham Way will be refreshed as part of this upgrade plane.

New 20 mph speed limit

Following the Parish Council's consultations to Warwickshire County Council, to help calm the traffic, the entire area served by Lewis Road and School Lane as highlighted on above map, will be limited to 20 mph.


Along with thanks to Cllr Sabin, Clerk David Leigh-Hunt, Cllr Jack Dempsey, previous Parish Councillors have also supported this initiative and also the officers of Warwickshire County Council who have met with the Parish Council at Parish Council and site meetings to understand the wishes of the village and helped to formulate the plans and then implement them.

To support these improvements, the funding has been met with the release of Section 106 funding coming from the various house building projects that have taken place in Radford Semele over previous years.

Not all of the Parish Council's and village aspirations have been met by this work, but these improvements have been significant and the Parish Council continues to work to see further improvements in the future.