Equal Opportunities Policy


Radford Semele Community Hall (RSCH) Committee recognises that everyone has a contribution to make to our society and a right to equal treatment and is firmly committed to striving for equality of opportunity. The policy applies to all matters relating to services affecting individuals and groups whether they are actual or potential service users, volunteers or hirers of Radford Semele Community Hall.

Statement underpinning the policy 

The committee recognises that certain groups and individuals experience the negative effects of discrimination, these lead to unequal access to communal resources and services and may restrict opportunities for them to be involved in their community. The committee continually strive to broaden the use of the community hall and is committed to converting their Equal Opportunities Policy into good practice. To this end, it will actively oppose all forms of unlawful discrimination and will take positive steps to implement policies and practice which will counter direct and indirect discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, sexuality, disability, age, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, class or employment status.


Radford Semele Community Hall Committee will:

  • Not discriminate against employees, volunteers and service providers.
  • Not discriminate against individual hirers, users or groups when considering taking bookings to use the village hall or whilst they are using the facilities.
  • Work actively to make the premises fully accessible to those with a disability, the elderly, young people, parents with pushchairs and relevant authorities.
  • Undertake to encourage activities that reflect the cultural needs of different groups.
  • Develop, implement, monitor and review this policy regularly to ensure good practice.
  • Will make our equal opportunities policy publicly available, via our website and, on request, provide paper copies.

It is important that all users of Radford Semele Community Hall, whether an individual or group, adopt and comply with this policy.

Adopted by committee:        July 2021                                

Last Review: January 2022

Next Review: January 2023

Signed P Follett     Chairperson