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05 May

Ditch adjacent to the Spring Lane development.

Work is planned to make safe the southern section of ditch that runs from the new houses built on the Old Lodge site and the path running from the Playing Field to the Spring Lane Path.

This section of ditch is not part of a water course but does fill up with water that becomes stagnant and is open enough to present a significant risk for small children. 

Consultations with FoRGE have identified solutions to allow infill of the ditch whilst at the same time sustaining a habitat for wildlife around that area.

Plans are to initially place boulders or concrete blocks to create voids and spaces for wildlife in the ditch, while removing the potential for small children to fall into the space. 

Some earth capping will be used to promote vegetation growth as well to bind and secure the area. 

Waste excavations for the new Zip Wire will be used for some of the capping. Trees will be planted along Spring Lane and wild flowers will be sown. 

Work has yet to be planed, and FoRGE will continue to be consulted on this project.