Janet Malin
Planning Committee. Emergency Planning Committee. Parish Council Representative to Radford Semele Community Hall Management Committee, Policy & Procedures Officer. Parish Council Representative to the Greswolde-Williams Charity

It has always been my abiding wish that Radford Semele maintains its status as a ‘village’ and is not absorbed into the surrounding area and I would hope that my contribution to the Parish Council has helped and still is helping us to achieve this.

I was co-opted to the Parish Council a short time after my husband Tony became a Councillor in 2004.   I have been on several committees over the past years and have always been on the Planning Committee.   Currently I am also the Parish Council representative on the Community Hall Committee. 

 I moved to Radford Semele in 1990 from Barford. 

I worked for many years as a Medical Secretary to one of the Consultants at Warwick Hospital, and latterly set up my own business as a Locum Medical Secretary for General Practice.   Ultimately one of the Practices I covered asked me to fulfil a permanent role.   I accepted this role and I continued with this until my retirement. 

 Retirement has enabled me to enjoy many hobbies – and I now understand what retired people used to say to me ‘I don’t know how I ever had the time to work’  ! 

I am currently in my third year studying Spanish (which is helpful when we holiday at our house in Spain);  I have been line dancing for 25 years;  I am a member of two choirs (one being the Radford Community Choir);  I am a Trustee of the Radford Semele Community Hall Committee and I spend a fair amount of time researching my and my husband’s family history ( we are back to late 1500’s).