Jack Dempsey
Chair of the Playing Field Committee. Planning, Finance and Speedwatch Committees

I was co-opted onto the Parish Council in 2022 after attending monthly meetings to gain an understanding of what positive work is done at local level.

I had initially volunteered for Community SpeedWatch training as I wished to support road safety in the village as stated in the Neighbourhood Plan. 

Our SpeedWatch sessions have been a success in educating motorists to reduce speed and therefore the risk of accidents. 

I have lived in the village for 20 years having resided in the Midlands all my life. I enjoy foreign travel, playing golf, walking, watching rugby and live music. 

I am retired police officer, a profession in which I undertook numerous roles including dealing with community issues to benefit neighbourhood harmony. 

I hope to use my experience to ensure Radford Semele remains a safe and desirable place to reside.