Brian Friar
Vice-Chair, Chair of the Finance Committee and Website Manager

I was originally co-opted to Radford Semele Parish Council in 2015 and took up a position on the Finance committee. Following the District and Parish Council elections in May 2019, I took on the chair of the Finance and Media committees.

In 2016 the Parish Council agreed to support the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Radford Semele and I  was one of the Parish Council representatives on the Radford Semele Neighbourhood Planning Group – the plan went out to the village in a referendum and was "made" in May 2021.

My wife and I moved to Radford Semele from the Lancashire in 1989 and we have raised two boys here. My professional background was as an Occupational Hygienist for two global manufacturing companies and an Insurance Broker (assessing industrial disease risks in the workplace), and latterly as Operations Manager for a global Insurers' Liability Risk Engineering team. At the start of 2019 I took early retirement and since then I have been able to concentrate more time on the things I enjoy including supporting Scouting in Radford Semele, Leamington District and Warwickshire.

The Parish Council is the first tier in the representation of the people in how they are governed, but at times, the least recognised and respected.

I am passionate about bringing the community and the Parish Council closer together so that we can all see, understand, direct and support the work done by the Parish Council on behalf of Radford Semele, and have a stronger voice and representation with those levels of government above us.

I believe Scouting is a great alternative for young people to gain skills for life and experience opportunities and adventures that may not ordinarily get.

My wife and I are members of the National Trust and were introduced to caravanning through great friends in Radford Semele, and now use our caravan to explore the UK – it's great place and with so many interesting gems to discover.

I have an ongoing interest in my family’s genealogy, tracing my family tree back as the 1500’s so far.

Oh, and I do like a spreadsheet!!