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01 Aug

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service’s (WFRS) Prevention, Protection and Response Strategy 2022-2027 sets out the Fire Authority’s mission for the next five years.  It defines the priorities and the approach we take to ensure communities and individuals who choose to live, work, do business, study, or visit Warwickshire are safe. It also supports the Warwickshire County Council (WCC) outcomes and objectives as outlined in the Council Plan. 

WFRS is seeking your views on the Prevention, Protection and Response Strategy 2022-2027, which is a component part of the Community Risk Management Planning process (CRMP). Our strategy sets out how we are making Warwickshire safer over the next 5 years. It outlines the priorities that every member of WFRS focuses on and the approach that we take to manage risk within Warwickshire. The strategy is one of the four components of our CRMP. The other three components are: 

  • The Risk Analysis – which assesses fire and rescue related risk in the community.   
  • Performance Measures - which measure the impact of the strategy on reducing risk in the community.  
  • The Annual Statement of Assurance –which provides financial, governance and operational assurance to the community and government. 

It is our job to ensure that we continually assess risk and ensure we keep the communities of Warwickshire safe. Using a wide range of intelligence and data we have carried out a risk analysis for Warwickshire and it is this analysis that drives our priorities and approach. 

More Information - Our Priorities

More Information - Our Approach

For a brief introduction to the CRMP, WFRS's strategy, plans and the consultation, a few explanatory videos have been created, which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9f3C4Fbo5T_D9QgCzcE8EEVTtywI4rIl

How to take part Your views are important to us, and we invite you to complete the online survey below. If you would like a paper version of this survey, please contact us using the telephone or email address below. Alternative formats and languages can also be made available on request. 

You are welcome to feedback in other ways: 

By Email to:  wfrscrmp@warwickshire.gov.uk 

In Writing to: Risk Management and Improvement Team, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service,  Service Headquarters, Warwick St, Leamington Spa, CV32 5LH  

By Telephone:  01926 423231

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