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18 Feb

Twice a year, Radford Semele Parish Council, as with other parish councils in the area covered by the Warwick Rural East Community Forum are invited to put forward one suggestion for policing priorities for the forthcoming 6 months.  

Once submitted, the priorities are put forward to a public vote which the Warwick Rural East Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) will then use to focus their resources on those concerns until the next consultation, you may well have voted on some of these in the past – usually Radford Semele gives a good response and so are able to access police support on our chosen subject. 

Previous priorities have covered topics such as speed checks/monitoring on a specific road; ASB/drug prevention patrols; crime prevention/reassurance patrols, school safety/parking patrols; community engagement events. 

Radford Semele Parish Council have been contacted this month to put forward a suggestion in March.  These would be agreed by the Parish Council at the Parish Council meeting at the end of February. 

However, this year we felt it would be good to engage directly with the residents of Radford Semele to see what they are concerned about that could be put forward for consideration for a public vote. 

We have therefore set up a short on-line questionnaire to gather your views on what the policing priorities should be beginning in April 2022.  As we need to consider these at the next Parish Council meeting on the 28th February, the window to submit your views is quite short, but it would help to inform your Parish Councillors of the issues you feel should be addressed. 

The following link will take you to an on-line questionnaire, where you can relay your thoughts on what the priority Radford Semele Parish Council should put forward to the forum. 

To ensure that we have Radford Semele residents putting forward their views, you will be asked to input your address – this information is in strictest confidence any personal details supplied will not be used for any other reasons, unless you specifically request feedback or further contact. 

The questionnaire is open now, and will close on Saturday 26th February to give us time to collate and review the suggestions made ready for the Parish Council meeting on 28th Feb. 

Obviously when Radford Semele’s suggestion is put forward, we will let you know when the voting opens and the outcome.

Click here to have your say on Policing Priorities in Radford Semele