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30 Jul

With regards to the many queries about the current situation, here is the latest update from the Parish Council - 30th July 2023.

The eviction order was delivered at 4:30pm on Saturday 29th July to each individual caravan.  This required the unauthorised encampment to leave immediately or no later than mid-day on Sunday 30th July.  If this is not complied with, further actions may be taken by the Police to remove the unauthorised encampment where they have legal grounds to do so – as stated previously any incidents should be reported to the Police immediately on 101 – this will assist them with evidence to enforce removal. 

Warwickshire Police have been supporting the Parish Council since Friday. Following a recent reported incident they have promised a police presence this afternoon, evening and hopefully overnight. Senior officers will be advising the Parish Council of the next stages of legal process. Their support during this difficult has been greatly appreciated. 

The Parish Council has a meeting with legal council on Monday 31st July to put in place steps to remove the encampment as soon as possible; we must however keep within the law and legal processes to ensure that we do not create any loopholes by which the encampment could stay any longer than necessary. 

Following the incident at Bishop’s Tachbrook, the Parish Council undertook an assessment of the access points on to the playing field that included all routes on to the field.  Of which, 3 were considered viable access points for vehicles.  Professional advice was sought, and these 3 points will have suitable bollards installed to prevent or control access to the playing field.  The installation was due to take place week commencing 31st July, but unfortunately this will now be delayed until the field is cleared, and the installation can be carried out safely. 

We have already established a clean-up plan with Warwick District Council who have a lot of experience in dealing with these situations.  We would ask residents not to take it upon themselves to instigate any cleaning of the site. 

While the encampment remains – no matter how frustrating this may be; please do not seek to engage with the site occupants.  

Any incidents should be reported to the Police on 101 immediately. 

The Parish Council wish to thank all residents for their patience in this matter – please be assured we are working behind the scenes to resolve this as soon as possible.