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30 Jul

On the 31st July - Southam Road will be closed from Offchurch Lane to the Fosse to allow for surface redressing to take place.

A diversion route has been advised:

B4455 Fosse Way, A423, B4453 (Leamington Road, Rugby Road, Cubbington Road), A445, Clarendon Street, Willes Road, A425 Radford Road and vice versa

On the 2nd July, Offchurch Lane will be closed from Southam Road to Village Street in Offchurch to allow surface redressing to be carried out.

A diversion route has been advised:

Offchurch Lane, Welsh Road, B4455 Fosse Way, A425 Southam Road and vice versa.

Access / Egress within the closure extents will be permitted only for residents and businesses where it is safe to do so – this will be managed by gateman on site. 

This type of road surfacing is weather dependant and programme dates may change because of this.