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03 Mar

Following the Examination of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan last year, the Examiner made a few recommendations to amend parts of the plan, but otherwise gave a positive endorsement to the quality of the plan and recognition of the effort that went into developing it. 

Warwick District Council has also now agreed to issue their decision statement accepting the recommendations made by the Examiner and this will be posted on the WDC shortly. 

This means we are one step closer to finally having a neighbourhood plan made for Radford Semele, which will be put forward for the villagers of Radford Semele to vote at a referendum on the plan on the 6th May.

The neighbourhood planning group and the Parish Council will be putting more information out there for the village in the coming months leading up the referendum in May. 

For more details on the Neighbourhood Plan or to view the current version, visit our Radford Semele Neighbourhood Plan Page