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27 Jul

We have had a number of comments from village residents raising concern regarding the amount of litter around the village, particularly on the playing field, although there are other locations as well.  At the moment we have not been able to confirm if and when there is a particular time that this excessive litter appears, or it is just a build up over a number of days. 

The Parish Council does fund a service to clean up the playing field and immediate area around the field; as it has a responsibility to maintain the Playing Field, although this is not continuous throughout the week, hence fresh litter not deposited in the waste bins can stay until the next clean up occurs.

In the first instance, we encourage people not to simply drop litter, but use the bins located around the village, or better still take it home and dispose of it there.

Help us to keep Radford Semele a nice place to live.

If you witness littering or notice a build up of litter, you can report it to Warwick District Council if it is a litter bin issue as they are responsible for the emptying of bins or general street or highway littering.

If it relates to littering of the playing field email the Parish Clerk at clerk@radfordsemelepc.org.uk.

Location of Waste and Dog Waste Bins in the village