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24 Nov

There are around 8,500 residents in Warwick District who receive a Council Tax Reduction because they are on a low income and cannot afford to pay their Council Tax Bill. The reduction is paid directly to the Council Tax account to reduce the amount of Council Tax that they owe. 

The Government sets the rules which tell us how much Council Tax Reduction can be paid to pensioners on a low income, and Warwick District Council is responsible for setting the scheme for working age customers.

The current scheme

Under the current scheme, all working age claimants who receive a reduction, have to contribute at least 15% towards their Council Tax and therefore the maximum reduction that they can get is 85%. 

Proposal for 2022/23

Warwick District Council recognise that residents are struggling to meet their financial commitments due to the current cost of living crisis. They have been looking at ways they can ease the financial pressure, particularly for households who are on a low income.

Warwick District Council are proposing to change the Council Tax Reduction scheme from April 2023 so that working age residents who receive the reduction can receive up to 100% reduction. They are not proposing any changes to the scheme for pensioners, and they will continue to receive up to 100% reduction in their bill. 

Have your say

Warwick District Council need to consult with residents in order to make any changes to the scheme. You can have your say by completing the online consultation:

Take part in the consultation

Or alternatively, you can telephone 01926 456760, to ask an adviser how to complete the consultation on your behalf. They can also post a consultation questionnaire to you.

Closure date

The consultation will close on the 6 January 2023.