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20 Jun

Changes to the Warwickshire Police Community Messaging Service (CMS)

IMPORTANT - Please read. This message applies to Warwickshire CMS subscribers ONLY

Message from Chief Superintendent Ben Smith: Changes to our community messaging service

Key to Warwickshire Police protecting people from harm is how we engage with our communities.

Back in 2016 we introduced this digital platform, our Community Messaging System (CMS), to enable us to provide information direct to service subscribers.

This has been hugely beneficial and we hope you have valued the messages you have received via this system.

Following feedback and a review of the current CMS we have taken the decision to not continue using this current platform going forwards. We feel there are new community messaging systems now available which will provide you and the public of Warwickshire with improved services in the future.

Therefore from next week this CMS will no longer operate. We have identified a new community messaging system we hope to use in the very near future and look forward to being in a position to update you about this very soon.

While I appreciate there will be short gap in the availability of a community messaging system while we make these changes, I fully expect in the long term this will provide you with a much improved service tailored to your local needs and communication preferences.

During this interim period we will continue to communicate via our force and local social media accounts (details below) and our force website. Once our new community messaging system is set up we will ensure we promote this and how you can subscribe via our force website, so please do continue to watch this space for further updates.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and engagement and I look forward to this continuing in the future.

Many thanks
Chief Superintendent Ben Smith
Local Policing
Warwickshire Police

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