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Radford Semele COVID 19 Mutual Support Group

Radford Semele has set up a COVID 19 Mutual Support Group.
We have a network of volunteers in the village ready to help you if you need it.

We can help picking up shopping, prescriptions, posting mail, or just being there to talk to.

You can follow this link to let us know you need help,

or e-mail

or call or text 07784 987403

and we will arrange for one of our volunteers to contact you.

All information supplied is treated with strictest confidence in this group and compliant with GDPR.

Important Letter from the Chief Constable of Warwickshire


On Wednesday 18th March 2020 a small group of Parish Councillors from Radford Semele gathered on the village playing field to witness the planting of a pear tree sapling. The cutting was taken from the 200-year-old pear tree in Cubbington, soon to be lost to HS2, and propagated at Shuttleworth College in Bedford.

Stan Sabin, Chairman of Radford Semele Parish Council said, “I was aware that a sapling from the pear tree might be obtainable, and with the assistance of Cubbington Parish Council and Rose Guiot, I was given the one we have planted today. Apart from preserving an example of the species for future generations, the Parish Council were unanimous in agreeing that it would be planted to recognise the 38 years of public service that Henry Marriott has given to the village.”

Stan continues, “Henry retired from the Parish Council in May last year but still retains an interest in all things arboricultural within the village. It is impossible in the space available to itemise his public service record but his work in and around this playing field and other green spaces in the village together with his vast knowledge of trees and plants is legendary.

Today we have planted a special tree to say thank you to a remarkable man.”

 Former Radford Semele Parish Councillor Henry Marriott
and Stan Sabin, Chairman of Radford Semele Parish Council.
Parish Councillors with Henry Marriott and Stan

Please use the countryside around the village safely.

As we are all being asked to stay at home and stay safe, obviously for people with dogs, you do need to get out and walk them, but can we please ask that when you do, you still act responsibly. Whilst we do value access to footpaths and bridleways around the village, it is the middle of the lambing season, and dogs around sheep at this time can cause real difficulties. Farmers are suddenly seeing a big increase of people exercising their dogs on their farmland and the paths that cross it. Keep dogs on the lead and under control. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stay off farmland and keep to the public paths that cross it, don’t forget farmers have the right to shoot sheep worrying dogs at this time of year. Dogs will get through this crisis. If a farmer and his farm goes down, the animals and crops on his farm may not.

There are also far more young children walking the paths with parents and loose dogs bounding up to them can be frightening, remember they may not even like dogs. Also dogs off leash do interact with each other and while dogs apparently are not affected by the COVID 19 virus, they can bring it back to you or to anyone else they run up to, they will also take pleasure in chasing other pets such as cats. If you have to clear up after your dog please take the poo bag home and don’t just throw it in the hedge!!!!

If farmers catch Covid-19 from contact with contaminated gates, stiles etc and become ill themselves (farmers simply do not have the facilities to constantly wash their hands when out on their land), their farms will ‘go down’, their animals will go uncared for. Crops desperately need planting the winter has been harsh enough as it is, remember this is your food they are growing, it is one thing to deal with panic buying, it will be a whole different story if the food is not produced in the first place. Farmers are totally on their own in this.

When using stiles, gates etc., please remember the advice that is being issued daily and act accordingly. Also be minded that dogs let off the lead to run amongst crops, can cause irreparable damage to the crop that they run over, and with the volume of dogs doing this, this impact can be significant.

These are difficult times, with children and adults cooped up at home, and our animals too, but we all need to act responsibly to make sure this effort to isolate to contain and reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus actually works. Only a few thoughtless or reckless acts can completely undermine what we are all being asked to sacrifice and do.

Information update from Warwickshire & West Midlands Association of Local Councils (WALC) – Free School Meals

Families entitled to free school lunches for their children they can call Warwickshire Welfare for 6 weeks of support for food – 0800 4081448  

Find out more at

to visit the nhs website click here

NHS advice about staying at home

Notifications of Road Closures or Restricted Access

We have a busy few month with a variety of works being undertaken in Radford Semele that will result in road closures or restrictions on traffic. Check here for latest update on the Warwickshire County Council website.

  • 3rd February to 8th March & to 4th April – Fosse Way will host diverted traffic from HS2 site from Welsh Road/Bascote Road. Traffic diversion.
  • 31st March – A425 Southam Road verge off Radford Hill – BT Pole replacement in verge – Traffic control (two-way signals).
  • 18th to 19th April – Outside the entrance to Fosse Wharf Farm to Outside Entrance to Canal Cottages Radford Semele – Severn Trent – TRIAL HOLES TO LOCATE UTILITIES – Road Closed, Diversions posted.
  • 14th April to 4th May – Severn Trent undertaking work with multi-way traffic light control affecting Spring Lane, Hatherell Road and Hamilton Road.
  • 31st August 2020 to 12th February 2021 – A425 Southam Road – B4455 Fosse Way- Construction of additional traffic lanes on Fosse Way – roundabout approaches and exits.

There are multiple locations where work is being undertaken by Cadent repairing or installing gas pipework. These are not reported as interfering with traffic flows. However, the sites and locations can be seen here.

Safety & Security

Follow this link to the Radford Semele Safety & Security page where there is a wealth of information and useful links on protecting your home, property, family and yourselves.

Parish Council Finances

The Parish Council’s finances are subject to annual audit after the end of the financial year which runs from 1st April to 31st March.  This ensures residents can be confident the Parish Council is conforming to the financial regulations and procedures required of smaller local authorities.

Radford Semele Parish Council accounts have now been audited and the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018/19 can be viewed from our Finance Page.