Radford Semele Community Hall Coronavirus Risk Assessment

Terms and Conditions accepted by the Hirer

         Please Note- This risk assessment was prepared at the commencement of the pandemic. It remains here now only to serve as a guide to the possible risks at the Hall. The ‘Recommendations’ may now be observed at the Hirer’s discretion.

Community Hall – Coronavirus - Actions to reduce risk  arising from a risk assessment relating to the users of the Community Hall the following Risks have been identified and Recommendations apply to all Hall users.

Please observe all of these recommendations and help to make the Hall a safer venue.


Car Park and Foot Path access to the Hall


Social Distancing may not be observed as people congregate before entering the Hall.

Car parking area is congested.

Sports and Social Club members may arrive/leave at the same time using the adjoining entrance door.


The Hirer has a responsibility to open the Hall prior to the arrival of attendees. The outside door should be secured in the ‘Open’ position. The two separate internal doors must be unlocked but may be left Open or Closed depending on the temperature.

The external space is generous and external lighting good. Attendees need to ‘Be Alert’ and conform to Social Distancing rules. 2 Metres.

(Note: Transitory lapses in Social Distancing in outside areas are considered less risky)

Entrance lobby/ “pinch points” 


This is an area where social distancing, two metres, is easily compromised. Examples are when children are brought to and collected from events, e.g. Children’s parties, Rainbows.

Access to and exit from the kitchen crosses this lobby.

Sports and Social Club members also cross this lobby to access their toilets.


Hall users must ‘Be Alert’ to the risk. Check for other persons before entering the Entrance lobby. Enter only when 2 metres spacing can be observed.

Main Hall 

The premises are subject to the Rule of Six for all leisure activities. The Rule states that a maximum of six people from multiple households can meet together while still maintaining Social Distancing. This Rule applies to all leisure activities. There are variations from this Rule for certain activities, for example educational, and exercise. Government Guidelines state which activities are included.

Hirers of the Hall intending to use the facility outside of the Rule of Six will be required to show their evidence of authorisation. They will also be expected to provide evidence of their own insurance cover for their activity. The hirer may be requested to provide a personal reference before the booking request is accepted.


Soft furnishings, tables, chairs and other equipment cannot be assumed to have been cleaned between hirings.

Door handles, light switches, window catches, blinds are all potential risks.

Upholstered seating, Virus may remain on fabric.

The practice of queuing at the kitchen hatch contravenes Social Distancing.

Layout of chairs for seating, both with and without tables, unless carefully prepared, will not recognise Social Distancing, i.e. 2 metres.


It is the responsibility of the Hirer to provide the following items for their activity:-

Hand sanitisers for use on entry and in the toilet area

Hard surface sanitisers, washing up liquid or soap

J cloths, paper towels, kitchen roll

Rubber gloves

Bin liners for disposal of paper towels from the toilet area

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that safe chairs and cleaned table tops are used by the attendees.

Note: Chairs are to be used in rotation over three days to avoid the need for fabric cleaning. Instructions on use are displayed within the Hall.

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to sanitise table tops at the end of the session.

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that Social Distancing, 2 metres, is observed when arranging activities.

The Hirer should manage the arrival of attendees.

Attendees should use hand sanitisers on entering the Hall.

It is the responsibility of all attendees to observe the Notices placed around the Hall.

If sitting, then attendees should proceed to an appropriate chair.

One person at a time can approach the Kitchen serving hatch.

Face masks are required to be worn unless there are approved reasons for not wearing them.

Cushioned chairs with arms are available but reserved for those who need them.

Toilet Facilities

The single unisex disabled toilet is available to all attendees. This is accessed direct from the Hall If used this facility needs to be sanitised both before and after each session. (This facility reduces the need to continuously cleaning all toilet facilities.).                         

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to leave the hall in the safe condition that the Management Committee expects and the next user would expect, including removal of all waste.

Departure/Exit from the Hall. As events commence with attendees arriving and terminate with departures, there is naturally a one way flow of people at any one time, the risk is therefore no greater in either direction; attendees can therefore exit via the main entrance. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to supervise safe departure from the Hall ensuring that the exit doors are open.

If the exit is not safe for any reason, the emergency exit via the fire door (look to rear of Hall left side) into the Sports and Social Club yard provides a paved exit round to the carpark. Hirers must familiarise with this exit also opening the second doors which open from the inside.



The narrow rectangular shape of this kitchen makes Social Distancing impossible to maintain.

Traditionally many kitchen users have been in the vulnerable age group.

Catering for events demands several kitchen staff.

Counters, appliances, utensils and other surfaces can be contaminated with Coronavirus.


Due to current Coronavirus limitations it is necessary to severely limit the use of the kitchen.

Only one person can be in the kitchen at any one time.

Until further notice food cannot be supplied from the Kitchen.

Cookers and fridges are not to be used.

Tea, coffee can be prepared but it is preferable that individuals provide for their own needs.

The dish washer can be used.

The Hirer is responsible for cleaning all surfaces and equipment used both before and after use.

Boiler room/Store/Vacuum cleaner


This room is too small to allow Social Distancing

Access is via the Kitchen which is also too small for Social Distancing


As users require access to equipment and stored items the room remains accessible to the key holder.

Only one person can enter the room at any one time.

Hall users must ‘Be Alert’ to the risk. Check for other persons before entering first the Kitchen and then the Boiler room.

Committee Room (Chair store room)


This is a spacious room for storing chairs and tables and providing an additional fire exit. The door providing entry and exit is a ‘Pinch point’

Social distancing is difficult to maintain.


Users must recognise the need to limit access. It may require two individuals to lift tables into/from the room.


Stage productions are not permitted.

Access may be needed to attend to lighting dimmer switch.

Curtains can be opened for ventilation.