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May 17th 2021. Hiring the Community Hall between 17th May and 21st June

Step 3 of the Government’s Plan now determines the activities which can be held in the Hall. This Plan is expected to operate until 21st June when restrictions are intended to be lifted.

Under Step 3 a greater range of adult activities are permitted. Rules to reduce the risk of Covid however include Safe Distancing of 2 meters. Maximum occupancy is further reduced by 50%. This limits the number of people who can attend the Hall to fourteen.

‘Covid Secure’ procedures operate within the Hall. The hirer of the Hall is responsible for ensuring that the procedures are followed. The procedures include Safe Distancing, Good Ventilation, Recording names and contact details of attendees or using the App. Wearing face masks, Hand sanitisers, Controlling entrance and exit. Sanitising tables before and after use, Rotational use of chairs. Full details are on display in the Hall.

(The above is for guidance only. Any enquires about the future hiring of the Hall will be considered against the latest available guidance).

‘The narrative which follows, remains unedited to await the time when organisations are able to use the Hall again under normal circumstances. At the moment this appears to be June 21st’

Arising from the Coronavirus and consequent need to protect the public, and volunteers who form our management committee, a new booking procedure via this Website and a new key access procedure via a door key box has been introduced.

These Web pages explain the Community Hall facilities provided, complete with pictures. It provides the email response form for those wishing to hire the Hall. It explains the terms and conditions that the Hirer is agreeing to when hiring the Hall. Of necessity, the terms and conditions are detailed and lengthy. Included are the rules to be followed to limit the risk of Coronavirus.

It is the Management Committee’s hope and intention to continue to provide the Hall facilities as in the past. Please see this new system as different but safer for the Hirer and fitting for the future where online booking is accepted practice.

Due to current national concerns for increased levels of Coronavirus, the facilities available at the Hall have been limited further. The Government announcement effective 14th September 2020 has limited the number of attendees to six, referred to as ‘The Rule of Six’. (There are a limited number of exceptions to ‘The Rule of Six’ for hiring relating to exercise, education etc. Please check Government Guidance.)

The wearing of masks, ‘Safe Distancing’ 2 meters, sanitising surfaces and facilities are part of the hirer’s responsibilities.

Visitors to the hall should, if they are able, scan the QR code when they arrive, using the NHS COVID-19 app. Hirers are also required to maintain records of attendees for "Track and Trace" purposes.

Kitchen facilities are limited to providing tea and coffee with only one person allowed in the Kitchen. The stage is not in use. The disabled toilet facility is now available to everyone. There is a requirement to record attendees for Track and Trace.

Hire Charges
Hire charges £10 per hour for village residents.
Hire charges £12 per hour for external residents.

(Extra charges may be requested at the time of booking for some functions).

The Hall and facilities include a large projection screen also an Epson projector and audio system.

The Hall is available for both regular and single bookings.

New enquires are always welcome.

Bouncy castles, trampolines and other equipment carrying risk of injury are not permitted within the Hall or on its surrounding land. The need to verify separate adequate insurance cover on each occasion and the record of damage caused to the Hall has proved unacceptable.

Parking facilities exist for up to thirty cars but are shared with the Sports and Social Club.

If you would like to enquire about booking the hall please complete the on-line booking request form, or e-mail communityhall@radfordsemelepc.org.uk.

Contact Mr David Chater 01926-428401 - 25 Godfrey Close, Radford Semele, Leamington Spa CV31 1UH

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The Community Hall is a Registered Charity - No 522985.
It is run by a management committee which gains its authority under a 999 year lease, originally approved by the Parish Council.
The management committee holds its meeting monthly in the Community Hall on the last Tuesday of each month at 7-30pm, except in August and December.