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Full planning application for the erection of 5 dwellings with public open space, landscaping and a new vehicular access point from Southam Road by Montague Land Partners.

Click here to see details of the planning application on Warwick District Council planning website.

The Parish Council has registered the following objection to Warwick District Council in respect of this application:

Radford Semele Parish Council objects strongly to this application. 

The site is not allocated for housing in the Warwick District Local Plan. The inspector who considered the Local Plan noted the very significant increase in dwellings (39%) allocated to the village. The inspector concluded 'There is no need to allocate further sites in order to ensure sufficient housing growth in the village or to meet the overall requirements for the District'. This is still the case.

The site is within the Warwick District Canal Conservation Area. The proposal would adversely affect the setting of a number of historic buildings some of which are Grade 2 listed. Amongst them are the Glebe House and St Nicholas Church. The Canal Conservation Area plan says that a conservation area is 'an area of special architectural or historic interest the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance'. This application is contrary to that purpose and will fundamentally change the historic setting and character.

The Radford Semele Neighbourhood Development Plan has now been approved in the referendum on 6 May 2021 and adopted by Warwick District Council. This site is a local green space under Policy RS2 which states that 'Development proposals affecting the designated Local Green Spaces will be assessed against national Green Belt policy.' 

The independent examiner's report said that this site is intrinsic to the character of the village and that the fields met the requirements of the NPPF(reference local green spaces) including being demonstrably special to a local community and holding particular local significance. The application is clearly not within Policy RS2. This site has a high landscape value and is good agricultural land.

The importance of retaining this area as it is was also recognised in the refusal of an application for development reference W/14/0303.

The parish council also questions the proposed access point. It is on the inside of the bend on the busy A425 near the brow of a hill. It appears to be dangerous to create an access here and the application should be also refused on road safety grounds.

The application is contrary to the whole planning regime affecting this site and the parish council urges the District Council to refuse it.

We encourage anyone who wishes to comment on this planning application to register it directly with Warwick District Council using the link below.

Click here to register your comments on this planning application.