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The playing field is owned and maintained by the Parish Council, including the children’s play areas. 

The grass is cut by contractors on a regular basis during the growing season and we work to ensure the field is safe to access and use. 

The trees and shrubs around the perimeter of the grounds are regularly inspected and they are pruned when necessary to keep the growth in check. 

The play equipment is also regularly inspected and reported on by an approved safety organisation. 

Some of the items of playing field equipment are in need of modernisation and replacement. The planned works for 2021are as follows: 

  • The children’s fenced play area - to replace the two toddler swing seats and repair the damaged wet pour (rubberised bitumen) areas. - Planned for March.
  • To refurbish the skateboard park - lay new bituminous surfacing and refurbish the steel ramp structures. - Planned for May.
  • To replace the zip wire (cableway) structure - the existing one is near the end of its working life and will be dismantled and replaced with a new structure. - Planned for May / June.
  • Funding is being sought to set up an outdoor gym on the playing field for use by those people over 14 years of age and upwards.