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Radford Semele Parish Council has the responsibility to manage village assets for the benefit of the resident of Radford Semele.

As part of that management, it must maintain any equipment and land it has the responsibility, ensuring it is safe to use and suitably insured for any associated liabilities that asset may present.

It should be noted that the values used for Insurance purposes (replacement) are higher than those use for the purposes of Financial Reporting in the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) where the value of individual fixed capital items are set at their value when acquired and do not change until they are disposed of (neither depreciated or increased by an index).  Gifted assets such as land are given a notional value of a £1.

The asset values are shown in each year's financial reporting: Link to 2020/21 Financial Year Reporting Pages

The interactive map below shows the assets that the Parish Council has responsibility for in terms of ownership, maintenance and insurance.

Click here for Radford Semele Parish Council Assets Valuation Policy and latest valuations