Village Infrastructure

Radford Semele Playing Field

The Playing Field and the equipment on it (play equipment, skateboard ramps, seating, waste bins, etc), is owned by Radford Semele Parish Council who operate and maintain it on behalf of the residents of Radford Semele. This includes the football pitch and goals.

The Parish Council endeavours to ensure the equipment is safe and in good order. It organises the maintenance of the field and equipment with regular audits and checks on the safety of the play equipment to ensure it is safe to use.

Radford Semele Recreation Ground – Outdoor Gym Equipment Proposals

A suggested layout for Radford Semele

The need for the facility:

The Parish Council is considering the provision of outdoor gym equipment for adults (14 years and upwards) on the village playing field.

The challenges of an increasingly inactive society means that we all need to inspire and engage our community to encourage activity.

The design and layout of where we live, work and play is a vital role in keeping us healthy and active and we need to start building physical activity into the design of homes, towns and major infrastructure to encourage movement and play.

Everyone should enjoy the benefits of good health and wellbeing. The power of sport and physical activity to bring people together; as well as the wider associated benefits, from increased self-confidence to better educational attainment, improved physiological health to better relationships needs to be considered when planning for our communities.

An Outdoor Gym is an ideal cost-effective way for a Parish Council to address this issue.

Following recently completed and current housing developments the population of the village is expected to increase by a further 38% with many of those residents seeking more recreational facilities.

The Proposals:

The range of outdoor gym equipment would be chosen to allow users to exercise all the core muscle groups (cardio, core body, upper body and lower body). Hopefully, this would attract a wide range of users.

The preferred location of the gym would be adjacent to the skateboard park and behind the multi use games area, but far enough away from the children’s play area.

It is expected that funding for the project would be obtained from grants together with match funding from the Parish Council of around 10% of the total project cost.

Radford Semele’s Draft Neighbourhood Plan

In developing the draft plan with parishioners, through the drop in sessions at the Community Hall and the formal consultation process, an interest was shown in providing adult outdoor gym equipment on the playing field. Consequently, the Parish Council has been asked to consider this proposal.

This has now been incorporated into the draft plan under policies for Sport and Recreation Facilities (Policy RS4 – to improve existing recreational facilities) and the Community (Policy RS11 – to provide new adult sport/training facilities).

Views of Residents:

The Parish Council would now like to gather views from the village as to whether:
a) an outdoor gym would be of interest and
b) would you make use of facility if it were installed?

Click here to register your views. This will be open for feedback from the 6th to the 23rd February 2020.