Recent Council Actions

Recent Council Actions-2016/17/18

  1. January 2016 Real improvements have taken place in the Playing Field. Two swings on a single pedestal were installed by Henry Marriott and Brian Follett. These are already proving popular. In April contractors installed a range of new equipment for the children costing just over £30,000. Funding was obtained in approximately three equal amounts from Parish Council, National Lottery and Sunny Dhillon Fund.
  2. A new bus shelter is planned on Southam Road, at the bus stop in front of St. Nicholas Church, on  the roadside leading to Southam. It will benefit particularly school children waiting for their morning transport. It is expected to be installed before the September 2016 term. ( There is likely to be a delay in implementation of one one or two months while planning approval is obtained)
  3. The Parish Council has written to W.D.C. formally opposing the extension of the Village Envelope into the location extending from Spring Lane beyond the site already granted to A.C. Lloyd for the development of sixty five homes. The main concern is the further concentration in the use of School Lane as the access onto Southam Road. There is concern for both safety close to the school location and the general quality of life for several hundred residents who have to negotiate this congestion point daily..
  4. Further play equipment will be introduced into the playing field, costing approximately £30.000, during November 2016. This is funded mainly by WREN but facilitated by voluntary effort and support from Warwick District Council. The equipment will benefit older children and includes outdoor table tennis.
  5. In September the Parish Council wrote to Warwick District Council formally opposing the Planning Application for Taylor Wimpey to build 115 houses on the south side of Southam Road. (Opposite  side from the current Bovis Development). An objection was similarly made against the recent Planning Application to build 40 houses leading from The Valley. Details of these objection can be read on this website.
  6. In November the Playing Field was further updated with approximately £30,000 worth of additional play equipment. this included climbing structures and an outdoor table tennis table. The funding was sourced from WREN. (Redistribution of land fill tax). Cllr Brian Follett warrants special mention for his management or the total refurbishment project costing approximately £60,000 during 2016. The refurbishment is now considered complete. Some minor adjustment and replacement will be implemented on the popular overhead cable during the winter months.
  7. In December a planning applicaton is being processed  through Warwick District Council to introduce another defibrillator within the Village.
  8. Our Council was advised that a formal planning application is needed before we can go ahead with a new bus shelter on Southam Road, benefiting mainly the morning school children attending Southam School.
  9. 2017
  10. In January 2017 confirmation was received that Warwick District Council had refused two major building applications. These included the 115 homes in the Taylor Wimpey application accessed from Southam Road and a further 40 homes intended on land accessed via The Valley. The Parish Council considers that it made a contribution to achieving this outcome on behalf of the village through its leaflet drop which helped with awareness and public response. The Parish Council also lodged its very comprehensive objection which picked up the concerns of local people who have to live with the consequences of these developments in their daily lives.
  11. The Parish Council continues to have major concerns that Warwick District Council’s plans include extending the Village Envelope leading from School Lane/Spring Lane. This will allow building beyond that already approved for A.C. Lloyd to build sixty five houses on the green field adjacent to our playing field. The Parish Council has raised its objections on behalf of residents, which will affect all who use School Lane, We can now only await the result of the Planning Inspector’s report on the New Local Plan which will be made known in the Spring. Again the Parish Council made a strong representation to the Planning Inspector at the November 2016 inquiry at Leamington Town Hall. (Note WDC has subsequently confirmed that the Village Envelope has been reduced and is now positioned at the southern limit to the site already approved for the A.C. Lloyd development.)
  12. In March 2017 the Parish Council was advised that the National Planning Inspector has rejected Warwick District Council’s plan to extend the Village Envelope extending from Spring Lane. This would have permitted a further, approximately 60 houses, to be built extending beyond the site already agreed for A C Lloyd to build 65 houses. This comes as a great relief to all who live in or use the  School Lane as their access to the village.
  13. A new defibrillator has now been installed in the White Lion car park. It is linked to the normal emergency services. Access to its use is obtained via the 999 service
  14. April 2017. A further planning application W/17/0514 has has been received to build 20 houses leading from The Valley. The Parish Council submitted its objections to the development. This Application was subsequently refused by Warwick District Council’s Planning Committee in June 2017. The Parish Council considers that its objections helped in achieving this result which if disregarded would have further impacted on the already difficult access to this part of the Village.
  15. May 2017 Naomi Northey was co-opted to the Parish Council.
  16. Residents have expressed concern at the number of dogs which are allowed by their owners to run free in the Playing Field, stating concern for their children’s safety. Further notices will be obtained to reinforce the point that dogs are not allowed to run free. More frequent visits by the dog warden are intended.
  17. In June 2017 a new seat was installed outside the Village Stores on the former Village Green. This is in response to a number of requests. Note the inscription and enjoy the moment.
  18. The intended bus shelter on Southam Road, primarily for pupils going to Southam School, is taking a long time to implement. It is currently awaiting Planning permission. This will take several more weeks. Hopefully construction and  installation can then proceed quite quickly.
  19. The Rev. Martin Green has informed village residents via a circular that the Coventry Diocese has intentions to sell certain Glebe land in Radford Semele for development. The land is sited east of the School playing field extending approximately from the end of Hamilton Road to Kingshurst. The Parish Council has noted this intention. It will be on future Parish Council Meeting agendas. The Parish Council will consider, the impact and implications for the village including the level of housing already approved, the New Local Plan for Radford Semele, liaison with our District Councillor and respond as information becomes available.(The subsequent publication of the New Local Plan by WDC confirms the sites in Radford Semele which have previously been approved. Further development on this site is outside of the Village Envelope as defined in that Plan. The advice received is that development on this site would not be approved)
  20. Planning permission has been granted (9th Aug 17) to allow the construction of a bus shelter on Southam Road. The oak structure is to be specifically constructed for the location, this is expected to take approximately three months.
  21. Further enquiries via the dog warden have resulted in the placing of notices on the rails of the two enclosed areas, restricting dogs from those areas. Regarding the remainder of the Playing Field the Parish Council has been advised that dog owners have a duty to keep their dogs under control at all times but this does not mean that dogs must be kept on a lead. All users of the Playing Field should be aware of this.
  22. At the October 2017 Council Meeting Councillor Sabin was elected the new Chairman of the Parish Council. He replaced Councillor David Chater who has been seeking a new Chairman after more than a total of six years in that office.
  23. Orders have been placed to erect a new bus shelter on Southam Road.
  24. The Parish Council objected to the proposed changes to the Parliamentary Boundary which would transfer Radford Semele to be part of the Rugby constituency. The Chairman’s letter of objection is printed in full:-The Parish Council of Radford Semele, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire wish to place on record their opposition to the 2018 Boundary Review in respect of the proposal to place the village of Radford Semele in a constituency to be named Rugby and Southam.The village lays astride the A425 and the boundaries of Leamington Spa and Radford join on that road.Warwick District Council is the Local Authority that oversees many of the issues that affect our village. Our main area of concern is the amount of building development that is taking place and the Planning Applications for those developments are controlled by Warwick District Council.At the last BCE review the village was placed in the Kenilworth and Southam constituency. At least we could take heart from the fact that Kenilworth came under the administration of Warwick District Council. Even so it has been difficult to get our MP to address some of our local issues mainly because Southam is in a large rural area and administered by Stratford-upon-Avon District Council.

    The BCE proposal to create a constituency using Rugby and Southam as main towns and including Radford therein makes no sense whatsoever. Our Parish has no affinity to either Rugby District Council or Stratford-upon-Avon District Council. This will only make matters worse when it comes to MP representation. The electorate figures published in the Review document indicate that Radford Semele will make up 2.7% of the total electorate. The Polling District for the Parish of Radford alone, (KRS5) 2015, shows an electorate of 1661,  2.2% of the proposed total. It is not difficult to work out where the MP will spend most of their time.

    We are aware that legislation plays a major part in the Review but it is also noted that the Commission has the right to make decisions that will improve representation for areas that might otherwise become isolated.

    In the light of the above submission, the Parish Council request that you reconsider your proposal and place Radford Semele in the Warwick and Leamington constituency.

  25. 2018  Public attention is drawn to the following prior to 14th March 2018    An invitation to Have Your Say on local healthcare servicesNHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the local NHS organisation which plans and buys health services for the local population in Warwick and Stratford Districts,  is inviting local residents to share their views on health services in the area.If you would like to give feedback on current services or hear plans for future services, then go along to their next ‘Have Your Say Day’ on Wednesday 14 March in the Lomas Suite at Stratford Hospital, Stratford CV37 6NX.To help plan for catering please register your intention to attend, although anyone is welcome to come along on the day. []

    If you have any questions call the patient engagement team on 01926 353810.

  26. The new bus shelter on Southam Road has now been installed. (Feb 2018)